Iggy Azalea, Azealia Banks And Other #HairEnvy Inspo

20 Apr

Iggy Azalea’s hair is always #HairEnvy ready.

As the summer season quickly approaches, bright colors, opulent ombre and long luxurious locks are coming back in style.

If you’re like me however and undecided on the latest way to style your hair, look no further for a few ideas.

Below are some singers, socialites and rappers whose hair has been giving me inspiration or #HairEnvy as I’d like to call it.

If you’re looking for a sleek new do’ to show off your best features, rapper Iggy Azalea does this effortlessly with long flowing ponytails and super shiny locks.

If you want to try the ombre trend look to Monica Brown whose brown to blonde hair is virtually flawless or Ciara who tried an extreme version of the trend.

And if you’re feeling a little bold, look to socialite/model Amiyah Scott (fourth row) whose pink and purple tresses look amazing and surprisingly wearable.

Likewise rapper Azealia Banks (bottom row) rocks pinks, purples, and blues just as well.

Check out my #HairEnvy gallery below.

What other ladies give you #HairEnvy?

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