Spring Trend To Try: Sneakers

23 Apr

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m seriously considering buying a pair of sneakers.

No, not gym sneakers which are usually the only form of female sneaks I find appropriate, but actual casual sneakers.

A good friend of mine wore a cute pair like these from Aldo with a crop top and leggings that actually looked really cute in a sporty kind of way.

Aldo's 'Maxwell' women clogs

The Maxwells are actually slightly similar to these Isabel Marants Beyonce was spotted in.

In addition to Aldo’s casual sneaks, Reebok has recently revamped their shoe line and are pushing their Kamikazes.

The Kamikazes are high tops that come in a variety of fun colors and I remember first hearing about them when Swizz Beatz designed them for the company last year.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I spotted Emily B rocking them on Instagram which surprised me because I didn’t know they carried the line for women.

Super cute, right?

I then spotted them again in Rihanna’s “Where Have You Been” behind the scenes video and learned that the women’s addition of the sneakers are actually called ‘Chi-Chazes’ according to FashionBomb.com.

While they may not be for everybody (they do look somewhat like a fake pair of Jordans), a good girlfriend of mine had these on this weekend and I flipped out at how cute they were in person.

So this is going to be my next spring trend to try; I’m officially going to buy a pair of sneakers.

Cross your fingers that I actually like them, sneakers tend to make me feel like a boy. :-/

Check out other cute sneaker trends below.

Do you wear women’s sneaks?

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