What’s Danni Digging? All Power Moves, Purple Gloss And Cut Creases

6 May

*sighs* I miss this hair.

Although I’ve been on a on-again, off-again blogging hiatus, I’ve been compiling a list of things that I like or that I’m currently “digging” at the moment.(Corny I know…but work with me)

Included in that lineup is a comfy line of sweatshirts, a super sexy lipgloss and a makeup method I’ve almost mastered.

First up:

  • APM.

APM or ‘All Power Moves’ is a brand made by a Hampton classmate and friend of mine, Christopher Swails. The rapper/businessman/entrepreneur developed All Power Moves that he credits as not only apparel line but a lifestyle.

His goal? To create a movement that shows today’s youth that they can achieve their goals when they put the right ‘power moves’ in place.

With that in mind Chris sent me a sweatshirt from the line that includes the ‘All Power Moves’ logo with a chess piece for symbolism on the back.

Before Atlanta temps hit the 80s I rocked my sweatshirt faithfully; it’s super soft and comfy and I even spent 5 hours in it on a road trip.

I received a lot of compliments on it so I thought I’d share.

I’m definitely digging APM.
My second dig is one I’ve mentioned before:

  • Illamasqua’s “Fierce” LipGloss.

Back in July  mentioned trying out a purple gloss from U.K. makeup line Illamasqua.

Fast forward to 2012 and I’m still loving my plum pout.

“Fierce” is from the brand’s intense gloss line and shows up true to its packaging unlike other glosses that are actually sheer.

‘Fiere’ in natural uber dim light.

I recently ordered another tube of this gloss since its been almost a year since I bought it.

Def another dig!

My final dig is a makeup method that I’ve never been successful at achieving up until now.

  • Cut Creases.

A cut crease is when a line is drawn across the eyelid to make eyeshadow pop against a very defined crease.

For those unskilled at precision or lacking a steady hand like myself, a cut crease can be hard to master.

I finally got it right a few months ago however and I was so proud of myself that I snapped a few photos.

What’s the trick?

For my cut crease I used a jet black CREAM liner (Wet N’ Wild makes the best one I’ve ever tried) and applied it with an angled eyeliner brush.

Following that I went back over it with a very dark eyeshadow (Urban Decay’s ‘Perversion) applied with an angled shadow brush.

The cut crease looked sharp and precise and provided a nice contrast to the neutral brown I wore on my lid.


What are you digging these days ladies?

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