Help Ladies: How Do I Style My Sneakers?

12 Jun


So remember a few posts back when I said I was buying sneakers? “This is going to be my next spring trend to try; I’m officially going to buy a pair of sneakers. Cross your fingers that I actually like them, sneakers tend to make me feel like a boy. :-/”

A few weeks ago I made good on that promise and actually bought a pair, specifically the Reebok Chi-Chazes. These bad boys are uber cute and I picked them up in this vibrant melon orange and blue color. Adorable, right?

The only problem is that I have NO IDEA how to wear them.

As an avid flat or heel wearer, I can feel myself slowly shelving these shoes into the gym/airport attire options simply because I have no idea how to style myself around them.

I actually tried them on with leggings and a white tee and was considerably underwhelmed. [I looked like I was going for a run…and we all know I DON’T run]

I therefore have a few questions you sneaker savvy ladies should be able to answer.

1.) If I wear these shoes can I only wear them with a white tee? I own maybe one white tee and I feel like a member of the Franchize Boyz in it.

2.) Can I wear them with a black tee? Does that clash because the shoes are white?

3.) Where in the world am I supposed to find an article of clothing remotely close to either of these colors? I tried my fave [Target] thinking I could match them to a pair of colored skinnies. #FAIL

4.) Black skinnies, white skinnies or plain denim skinnies?

5.) Do I have to wear them with a full denim outfit like Alicia Keys??? O_O 

Some help would be graciously accepted folks. If not, these puppies might end up returned.

Let me know what you think! –danni

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