Spotted: Beyonce’s Knuckle Rings

18 Nov

In September while with my girlfriends at the Made In America festiva, I spotted Beyoncé and Jay-Z. It was the first time I had seen either one of them in person and for once in my life I got a little starstruck and took out my camera for a paparazzi style ambush. I got some pretty clear shots of Bey glaring looking at me while I snapped away at her talking on the phone. Jay didn’t seem to mind though and he just looked away like he didn’t notice the crazed, wide eyed blogger zoom lensing till her heart was content. After about three minutes security very politely asked me if I “had enough”, and I replied “yes” and walked away beaming…

Nonetheless I couldn’t help but notice that Bey was rocking these really cool rings on her fingers and I couldn’t quite figure out how they worked. After zooming in further I realized that they were these little gold cuffs she had on each finger. Simple, but very cute and I had no clue where they came from.

Fast forward to today (November 18, 2012) and Claire of FashionBombDaily has solved the mystery. Now that Queen Bey is on Instagram under the @BaddieBey handle she’s been sharing quite a few snaps including the below photo of herself in Rag & Bone corduroy pants and bunny ears. Look closely however and you’ll see those damned rings again, this time in blue.

According to Claire she’s wearing Maison Martin Margiela’s Knuckle Duster Rings that retail for a whopping $425.

Now if you’re like me or any other non-celeb, $400 is a ridiculous amount to pay for metal on your knuckles. After scouring the web however I finally found a semi-knockoff that while it isn’t as hot as the real deal, could suffice.

These rings are from ThreadSense and retail for $15. (Both pieces are included) The pair features a smaller ring you can wear above your knuckle should you so please.

To take a closer look at them click here. 

What do you think about Beyoncé’s knuckle rings? Would you rock them?

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