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Gabrielle Union dishes to moi about “Being Mary Jane”

8 Jan

Being Mary Jane

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of chatting with Ms. Gabrielle Union about her role on BET’s first scripted drama “Being Mary Jane.” The actress was in Atlanta doing promo and we sat down together at Buckhead’s [very swanky] St. Regis hotel.

Initially going into the interview I was nervous; a.) because I’m rusty especially w/ my video interviews and b.) because it’s GABRIELLE UNION. After taking a minute to get my nerves together however I was good to go.

She gave lengthy answers to my questions and sang praises to Shonda Rhimes who she says treated her royalty when she auditioned for the role of Olivia Pope on “Scandal.” She then went on to say that”Being Mary Jane’s” director Mara Brock Akil gave her the same A-1 treatment when auditioning for her program. Ultimately when Gabby was offered the role of Mary Jane Paul, she  happily accepted.

We then went on talk about the program’s dramatic (see: gross) cliffhanger and Gabby explained how even though Mary Jane Paul is technically a mistress on the program (stop gritting your teeth), she’s human and not devoid of mistakes.

A few extra deets; Gabby had the cutest white manicure with black outlined around the nail bed. Her hair was very well blended and bouncy. Renny Vasquez did a great job with her makeup; it was like a BeatFaceHoney “sweet beat” with glowing skin, nude lip and whispy lashes. After we wrapped up the interview she said (quote): “Oh you’re so gorgeous”, which I thought was a very sweet thing to say.

All in all it was a good interview and it made my day to be able to have that [very] unique experience.

After wrapping up with Gabby and hitting the tootsie roll (my victory dance) on the way to the elevator, I ran into Sam Champion formerly of “GMA” as I was leaving the hotel. He was very sweet and when I casually cooed “congratulations on your new position at the Weather Channel” (like we were old friends), he walked over, shook my hand and introduced me to his husband.  I love Sam Champion…and his husband was very hot.

That was the cherry on top that made that day extra special.

In case you were wondering this interview was pre-engagement…and pre….yeah.

Click here to check out my chat with Gabrielle Union.

True or false? Brown girls can’t wear red lipstick

21 Apr

“Baby girl, you too fine for that bright lipstick!,” -said random man about my red lips

If you believe the gospel of the great poet laureate A$AP Rocky *rolls eyes* then if you’re a black woman of a non-fair complexion than a red pout is an absolute no-go. The Harlem rapper recently broke it down this way to The Coveteur;

“But for real, for me, I feel like with the red lipstick thing it all depends on the complexion. I’m just being for real. You have to be fair skinned to get away with that.”

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Christina Aguilera’s ‘American Music Awards’ Makeup

21 Nov

After scrolling through pictures for the excessively boring American Music Awards, I landed on a few shots of Christina Aguilera looking nothing short of gorgeous. The songstress arguably had the best look of the show that featured glowing skin from head to toe, a double lash, white liner on the lower lash line and this awesomely blended taupe and amethyst eye. Normally it’s taboo to match makeup to your apparel but in this case it worked—beautifully at that.

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The Brown Girl Beauty Collective and RX For Brown Skin

20 Jul

(L to R) Linda Ripoll, Dr. Chyna Steele-Griffin, Kimberly Walker

*After my usual negligence to this dotcom, I’m back to blogging. Bear with me; after typing for 2,345,232 hours a day for other people, sometimes I forget to write for myself. SMH…lol *

Last month I attended an event hosted by homie Kimberly Walker (@KimmyGotSoul) and Linda Ripoll (@BeautyCulture1) for their Brown Girl Beauty Collective.

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Sam Fine Interview

20 Jul

I recently did an interview with celebrity makeup artist Sam Fine when he was in Atlanta and he was not only FLAWLESS (the man looks like a painting…no lie), he was also very sweet and greeted me with a “Helloooo gorgeous.” Needless to say, I was in love. During our allotted time, we discussed Fashion Fair Cosmetics’ ‘Truly Treasured’ line and the stigma surrounding the black owned brand.

Check out my interview with Mr. Fine on RollingOut here

New Hair…Again

12 Jun

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Review: IMAN Cosmetics Spring 2012 ‘Sweet Temptations’ Line

5 May

Last weekend I had the pleasure of trying out IMAN Cosmetics’ new makeup line. The latest from the eternally flawless model is her ‘Sweet Temptations’ collection that’s said to be “the perfect palette” for spring with honey, citrus and berry tones for eyes and cheeks. Additionally Sweet Temptations boasts that it includes candy colored hues for lips which would be perfect for the this time of the year.

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EOTD: Lip Sh0ck Inspired Eyes [Photos]

1 Dec

I tried a new look today after watching a video by the lovely Ms. Lip Sh0ck on Youtube.

Her “Graphic Eyeliner” tutorial as seen below features jet black liner that’s connected on both the top and the bottom lash line.

Instead of the soft naturals she used, I used a shimmery orange on the lid and dark brown on the crease.

She also used falsies but I used my own fiber gel mascara to lengthen my lashes.

While it’s not my best work, (the fallout on the lashes and the shaky liner especially) it was pretty fun to do and it’s different.

Check out my eye of the day below.

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Review: Beta Naturals 100% Argan Oil Moisturizer [Video]

30 Nov

A few weeks ago I received a product called Beta Naturals Argan Oil Moisturizer in the mail to review.

Argan Oil is said to be an ideal moisturizer for hair, skin and nails and has become widely popular over the years.

Beta Naturals boasts that their product is especially unique because it’s:

-All Natural
-Paraben free
-Sulfate free
-Fragrance free
-Pthalate free
-Petroleum free
-Cruelty free

So how did I like my Beta Naturals?

Check out my video review below.

Are you ladies interested in buying this Argan oil for your skin and hair needs?

#CyberMonday What Deals Did You Give In To?

29 Nov

So today was the infamous Cyber Monday and I did my best not to overindulge on all the beauty deals.

My girl @DeolaCola put me on to Milani Cosmetics’ 50% off deal that included FREE SHIPPING.

I bought five items including their Color Perfect Lipstick in ‘Gourmet Coffee’, their Baked Metallic Eyeshadow in ‘I Heart You’; a sexy red, Lip Flash in ‘News Flash’, their Specialty Nail Lacquer in ‘Glitter Red’ and Haute Flash lipgloss in ‘In A Flash.’

I actually already had a $15 credit with PayPal so my whopping total for all FIVE products was only .96 CENTS! AWESOME.

I’m super excited to try out these new lipsticks and I already know Milani makes a great eyeshadow, so hopefully I’ll get back into some FOTDs.

In addition to Milani Cosmetics, I stopped by Keyshia Dior’s ‘Ka’oir Cosmetics’ site to pick up her signature BLUE LIPSTICK.

I know what you’re thinking, but a good friend of mine has her #DiorDoll lipstick and I’m exctited to check it out.

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Ka’oir has a 20% off code for today so my total with shipping was around $20.

What’d you buy for Cyber Monday? Did I miss any good deals???