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Exclusive: Stephen Moleski Talks First Meeting With Kim Kardashian, “Smoke And Mirrors” Lashes [Video]

30 Aug

Friday was a magical day for me at J. Mont Makeup and Waxing Studio where I was invited to interview famed makeup artist Stephen Moleski.

I was first introduced to this makeup connoisseur via YouTube when I spotted a tutorial of him doing Kim Kardashian’s signature smokey eye.

I fell in love with him then and I fell in love with Moleski in person after attending his #SMBLashEvent where we spoke on a number of topics including his first time meeting the Kim K, his tips for a five minute face and his”Smoke And Beauty” lashes enjoyed by Melanie B, The Haqq Twins and Estelle alike.

On Kim Kardashian: “I had no idea who she was. I knew she was Paris Hilton’s friend so I had no idea what to expect. She comes in, she’s so sweet, and she’s so tiny but I’m 6’5. The rest is literally history. I couldn’t tell if she liked my makeup, she’s very reserved and quiet.

She said, “Let me get your number.” And I’ve heard that many times before where they get your number, your card and whatever [that’s it]. I just remember the next day she was like, “Hi this is Kim Kardashian.” And I’m like, “What?” I still didn’t get the whole gist of it, I just thought she was a pretty Armenian girl who had money because she pulled up in a white Range Rover. We still work together to this day. “

On A Five Minute Face: “Is there a skincare regimen beforehand? Good makeup starts with good skincare. A five minute face consists of a tinted moisturizer, concealer, setting with a loose powder, bronzer, mascara, lip gloss and you’re done.”

On His Favorite “Smoke And Mirrors” Lashes: My favorite lash for every eye shape and every woman is the New York lash. The length is moderate,the size is full, it gives you a beautiful lash. The one I use the most with my jobs is the Vegas. Also I use the two of them together. Sometimes I’ll put the full strip of the New York and the longest piece of the Vegas…they’re universal, you can layer them and blend them together.

I’m so excited to try ALL of Stephen’s “Smoke And Beauty” lashes…if you missed it before, check out my previous post on the “Nashvilles” (which I LOVE)  here!

For more information visit SmokeAndMirrorsBeauty.com

Check Out My “Nashville” Smoke And Mirrors Lashes By Stephen Moleski [Photos]

27 Aug



Today was a really awesome day especially after I attended a FABULOUS event for makeup aritst Stephen Moleski and his signature “Smoke and Mirrors Lashes.”

This MUA to the stars was AMAZING…so sweet and so humble and even gave myself and my fellow #BeautyBloggers a chance to try out his lashes coveted by Kim Kardashian, Melanie B nd the Haqq twins at his #SMBLashEvent.

I got a bag FULL of these beautiful lashes and picked out the “Nashvilles” to try out at Atlanta’s J. Mont Makeup and Waxing Studio.

My interview with Moleski is forthcoming but for now check out these BEAUTIFUL lashes in some close up pictures.
I’m in LOVE!

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