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Exclusive: Tika Sumpter Talks Her Favorite Lipsticks, Favorite Designers And Acting Career

29 Oct

So if you’ve been reading my blog, way back in September I wrote a post about meeting actress Tika Sumpter at Ludacris’ Luda Day Weekend block party.

If you’re unfamiliar with Tika, she plays Malik’s girlfriend on BET’s ‘The Game’ and has a starring role in the remake of ‘Sparkle’ alongside Whitney Houston and Jordin Sparks.

I also just happen to think she’s one of the most beautiful women in the world and I almost didn’t mosey my way over to speak with her…almost.

Check out my Q&A with the beautiful Ms. Tika Sumpter below.


Me: One thing I really like about you is that you’re not afraid to try a bold lip. What are some of your favorite lipsticks?

Tika: Ruby Woo I’m stuck on that one. It’s vibrant and it really pops, I love that.

Me: I’m looking at you right now and your skin is just glowing. What’s your skincare routine?

Tika: I just wash it everyday.

Me: So you’re just blessed?

Tika: No, no! [Laughs] I wash it with Neutrogena

Me: Besides a Ruby Woo, what are some other lipsticks you love.

Tika: I like Cover Girl, they have all sorts of pinks, I just love color, I feel like our skin pops with color and that’s what I love. Like your purple is beautiful.

Me: Thank you very much! So do you have any other beauty tips you can give? Especially for women like us with brown skin tones?


Tika: I think the basis is to make sure your foundation is the right shade. Black Opal makes a really good foundation and it’s inexpensive.  Also MAC makes really good browns so make sure your base is good and you’re set.

Me: Back to you though, I know you said you’re taping for The Game…what else are you doing acting wise?

Tika: I have a film coming out in September the 18th with Anna Faris and Chris Evans called “What’s Your Number.” We’re about to start taping for The Game a week or two from now and I have other projects in the works that I can’t talk about yet.

Me: What about your style though? Are those Jeffrey Campbells shoes? Those are amazing…

Tika: They are! And they’re super comfortable. I’m obsessed; Jeffrey is my new obsession.

Me: Who are some other designers that you like to wear?

Tika: I love Giuseppe Zanotti because he’s super comfortable and I can look cute in heels and be comfortable all night. Who am I stuck on? Right now it’s Jeffrey…I just love the odd, crazy shoes.

Me: Do you have any last words for your fans?

Tika: Thank you you guys, the bloggers, have been so supportive of me. Everybody! Fans have been so supportive; I just want to always be accessible so thank you for the love.

Me: That’s what we like about you; you’re always accessible, always sweet.

Tika: Thank you!


I Met This Beautiful Woman And Her Red Lip Yesterday…

4 Sep

Yes, Tika Sumpter!

Stalked her Ran into her at Ludacris’ LudaDay Weekend Block Party and we talked her beautiful, flawless, skin and her fave red lipstick.

She also told me I was “beautiful.”


Short Q&A coming soon… 🙂