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My Virgin Indian Hair From HairAreUs After Nearly 5 Months…

4 Oct

So lately I’ve been trying a new brand of wavy virgin indian hair that I actually really like.

The hair is from HairAreUs.com and looked like this after my first install in May:

Since then I’ve been trying out variousĀ  different styles.
I initially only used 2 1/2 bundles (26, 26, and 1/2 pack of 22)…but since then I’ve put all three packs in my hair. ( 26, 26,22)

Since May I’ve straightened this hair, wash, conditioned, blow dried it and tried out various styling products to bring out the curls in this hair’s natural texture.

Now that this hair’s getting older I have noticed some shedding and some frizz…but it’s still manageable and definitely less severe than with store bought hair.

The best thing about this hair?

The price.

HairAreUs sells their hair, any bundle…any inch for $125—a steal when you consider that they go up to 30 inches.

I’m loving it so far and I’m pretty sure my next purchase will be with them again.

My next plan is to OMBRE color it…so let’s see how this works. *crosses fingers*

What do you think about this hair ladies???

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Twitter: @HairAreUs